EXAMPLES OF PINCH VALVES USE ON PIPELINES with PN up to 1,6 MPa, temperature up to 150 ∞C



Pinch valves application
for the following working media

Pinch valves application
for technological installations
Drinking water

Cold and hot water supply systems, including boreholes water use.

Pinch valves are used as stop and control devices for pipelines with working parameters
PN 1,5 MPa and T to 150∞C.

Pinch valves in its closed position guarantee leakproofness with  pressure  range from  vacuum  10-2

Pinch valves in its closed position guarantee leakproofness with pressure range from vacuum 10-2 mm. mercury to 1,6 MPa.

For sleeve manufacture is used the resin mix, based on following caoutchoucs:
-  Isoprene;
-  Butadiene-nitrile;
-  Ethylene-propylene;
-  Urethane;
-  Fluoroelastomer;
-  Organosilicon;
 and Polyurethane.

Sleeve material is according to customerТs request in compliance with special characteristics of the working media.

Industrial water

Process and reused water supply systems; heavily polluted water with solid particles, oil products remains, industrial waste; chemical water preparation systems, reagent systems; water inlet systems.

Waste water

Domestic, storm, process sewage.

Food media

Transportation and dispensation systems of forage, flour, grain crop, grease, technological masses, spirits and spirit-based solutions, pastes, syrups, jelly-like masses.

Oil products

Transportation systems, filling lines for black oil, gasoline, diesel oil, mineral and hydraulic oils, oily slurries and suspensions including solid particles.

Pulpy media

Transportation systems for corrosive and abrasive pulps, slurries, acid and alkali solutions with solid particles, cement, sand, drilling solutions, argil, hydro- transportation pipelines.

Corrosive media

Technological pipelines for organic and inorganic acids, alkali, salts, condensates, electrolytes, technical spirits, chemical water preparation systems of boiler-rooms and manufacturing processes, reagent systems, animals and birds vital activity and manure waste disposal systems.

Gaseous media

Compressed air and pneumatic transportation systems, gas-purifying stations, sandblasting machines.



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