Three-way Valve BPA34001 with Electric Actuating Device

Drawing symbol Dimensions, mm Actuator's Type Pic
DN L H D d n
11ch912bk 50 200 245 110 14 4 BELIMO LR230A 1
11ch912bk1 241 ESBE AB Type 65 2
11ch912bk 80 240 309 150 18 BELIMO HR230-3 1
11ch912bk1 290 ESBE AB Type 95 2

Rotary type three-way mixing valve is designed for automatic control of the heat-transfer's temperature into the cooling & heating systems.
The required temperature provides due to the proportional adding of colder stream to hotter.
Movement of regulating element is realized by the Electric Actuating Device (EAD) with various characteristic.
Nominal pressure Ц PN 10 kgf/cm2 (1,0 MPa).
Capacity characteristic Ц linear.
Conditional capacity Ц 160 m3/h.
Working medium Ц liquid & gaseous.
Temperature of working medium Ц up to +1500C.
Connection Ц flanged.
Power supply of electro-actuating device Ц 230V/50 Hz or 24V/50 Hz.
The installed electro-actuating device regulates time of the shutter turn.


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