Pinch valve's principle of operation





At the close of the valve occurs a pinching of elastic sleeve, thereby damming flow.

Opening/closing of the valve realizing by different types of the actuators: manual, pneumatic and electric.

Some of the Pinch ValveТs design advantages, in comparison with traditional types of the pipeline valves:

Lifetime is no less than 30 years.    

Full tight shut-off during all period of operation, even with transportation a hard duty media.

Total body insulation from medium.                                             

Valve with nominal pressure 16 kgf/cm2 (1,6 MPa) has: full Sealed Body, 'OPEN/CLOSE' position Indicator, sleeve technical condition Sensor.

During all periods of operation sleeve changing is only servicing of valve.

No necessity of the skill intake for complete repair of valve efficiency.

Suitable for food, aggressive, abrasive, pulpy medium and drinking water.

Absolutely nonclogging and no stagnation.

Minimum flow resistance.

Positive opening valve design manufacture possibility.
The face-to-face length fit with the similar valves length.


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