Ball Valve, 10s7p, SH102



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Table of figures 10s7p
Working medium Liquid, gaseous, corrosive and inert media, natural gas
Temperature of working medium, 0C from -40 up to +180
Material of the main parts Carbon steel, stainless steel
Working pressure PN, MPa 1,6
Nominal bore DN, mm 10 15 20 25
Weight, kg 1,9 1,9 2,9 3,4
L, mm 160 160 200 240

The working position and the medium feeding direction - any.
Valve tightness should be not lower than class 'C' as per the Russian standard.
Ball valve should be jointed to the pipeline by means of union joints and welding joints.
Construction and materials to be used, type of jointing to the pipeline, the complete set of delivery should be determined in the order.
At request of the customer, other modifications of the ball valve, for other parameters (medium, t, PN, joints and materials) might be manufactured.

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